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Places To Visit in Lansdowne

Tarkewshwar Mahadev

Tarkeshwar Mahadev is a town located at 36 km from Lansdowne with an impressive height of 1,800 m. The spot is known for its sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva. Encompassed by thick woods of cedar and pine, this ideal venue close to Blowsom Resorts, Lansdowne treat its visitors with the magnificence views of nature. During Shivratri, an extraordinary experience is witnessed as it is the most crucial occasion for followers of Lord Shiva. On this high voltage occasion, the entire town is decorated and tourism is noticed to be on the topmost level. Though, the destination is highly admired by the followers of Lord Shiva, it also treats the viewer’s eye with the most appealing views from its noticeable height of 1800m.

Bhulla Lake

The Bhulla Lake is situated at around 1 km separation from Blowsom, Lansdowne. The Bhullatal Lake is a fake artificial lake residing close to the Lansdowne city region in Uttarakhand, India. This destination is devoted to the Garhwali youth of The Garhwal Rifles who helped in the development of the lake. With just 1 km distance from the Lansdowne city, this is one of the highly admired and appreciated destinations by the visitors. In the local Garhwali language, the term ‘Bhulla’ implies young brother. Bhullatal Lake is otherwise called Bhulla Lake.

Tip n Top Lansdowne

Situated at simply 1.5 km from principle Lansdowne downtown area, Tip in Top is best spot in Lansdowne to watch total horizon with sublime Shivalik go. Tip n Top Lansdowne is a little view point in Lansdowne situated on the hill top. Residing on the topmost hill, this destination offers appealing views to the visitors. As the name justifies, Tip N Top is probably the most elevated spot in Lansdowne. This mind blowing destination treats the visitors with the most extra ordinary experiences. Standing on the top most hills and witnessing the entire town/region in the lower areas and treating your eyes with the most appealing views of far off valleys/mountains.


One can also went through the churches in Lansdowne and witness the peaceful environment. The St. Mary's Church situated on Kotdwar Pauri Road is a popular church in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand. St. Mary's Church is an Anglican Church that has been mostly transformed into an understanding room, for there are not many of the Protestant confidence left in Lansdowne. Numerous Protestants changed over to Catholics after the British left India post Independence. Also, the St. John's Church on Mall Road in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand is probably the most seasoned places of worship right now town. It is a good ways off of 3 km from primary market and is arranged at Tiffin Top.

Darvan Singh Museum

This popular tourist spot in Lansdwone, Uttarakhand attracts a large number of tourists towards its elegance. Situated at an ideal separation from Blowsom Resorts, Lansdwone, this destination treats the tourists with lot of memories. A chronicled barrier exhibition hall named after first Victoria Cross holder from Garhwal Rifles Darwan Singh Negi, Darwan Singh Museum contains rarest assortment of Garhwal Rifles. Situated close to the Parade Ground in Lansdowne, Pauri Garhwal, Darwan Singh Museum was initiated in 1983.

Bhim Pakora

A noteworthy yet astonishing spot close Lansdowne, Bhim Pakora draws in even through its name. Guests can see two enormous stones one over the other in an ideal equalization. Above stone can be moved by a solitary finger yet never fells down significantly after push by two hands. Situated at 2 km from Lansdowne downtown area, Bhim Pakora is one of the most energizing and appealing spot in Lansdowne.

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